How We Started

I am an asian girl living in Seattle with a passion for plants. Started as a hobby and grew into an obsession, I have been collecting more than 200+ varieties of plants. I quickly got into the collectors' plants community and was blown away by the costs of those "rare plants".

I want to offer tropical plants at a more affordable price and I have been working on achieving my mission ever since. I, along with the help of my family, are committed to providing the best quality of plants at the best price possible, along with the best services.

We have shipped over 500 plants all around America. We pack each and every plant with love and care and all of them have arrived in perfect conditions.

We hope you find inspiration from this story and we hope to hear from you soon ♥



What we take pride in

We are first-generation Asian immigrants whose goal is to bring rare tropical plants from Asia to America. We build connections with native South East Asian growers in more than 5 different countries to bring exotic plants to America at an afforable price.

We are proud to be the first in-home licensed plant distributor in Seattle, Washington. Together we have helped bring over 500+ plants to plant lovers all around the United States. We take pride in our services and passion and we continue to provide the best service we could to make your shopping experience as perfect as it could be.

We are authentic and honest. No hidden fees, no false advertisement. All plants are described as detailed as we can.

Ethically-sourced and Environmentally Friendly

We are ethical with our sources and business. By purchasing from us you are directly helping native growers in Asia. We stand against plant-flipping and we make sure are of our plants are cared for and fully acclimated to greenhouse conditions before shipping them to our customers.

We values our environment by using recycled materials to pack your orders. A small amount of every order goes to World wide Fund for Nature to help improve mother nature's environment.